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What is Beeqos?

Beeqos mobile application tool that serves you as a beekeeper to keep a complete record of your apiary, the actions you have performed and should perform in order to enable you to make smarter decisions and thus significantly improve your work as a beekeeper.

Realistic depiction of beehives

This apiary view allows you to have a far clearer picture of the state of the apiary.

Fast data entry

The application is designed so that, data entry takes only a few seconds.

How it works?

Beeqos beekeeping diary app is made to be personalized for you in every way, it is made so that you are able to enter all the data with a minimum of clicks, to finally present that information in a way that will benefit you in future decisions you make.

You can notice the most important information about each hive by looking at the entire beehive. Diseased hives will be marked in red. The company with the queens for the silent replacement of the queen is also specially marked. That way you can take into account the bigger picture of the situation in the apiary, you have more control over what is happening.

The data is entered in a far more convenient way, the data on the desired hive is entered by clicking on that hive, which allows you this innovative display of beehives. Almost all data about the company are further entered by checking, everything is adjusted so as to shorten the time of data entry as much as possible, so that the work on the apiary would be simpler and easier, and at the same time the inspection record would be of better quality.

You also have the ability to record sound, which can be extremely useful in some situations, so you are able to “hands-free” to record the status quo. One method does not exclude the other, which means that you can record data in written and voice form at the same time, which would also form the most complete picture of the situation in society.

Why is it needed?

If you’ve recently become a beekeeper, you may be wondering, “Why do I need a diary?”

The answer is – do you want the bees to guide you, by rushing to do what is needed at the last minute, or by you leading your bee colonies by always being above the situation and one step ahead.

Avoid surprises

You will avoid surprises that can happen to you and sometimes be fatal for your bee colony. If you have now seen a small sign that indicates something bad, next time you will be there ready to stop it in time.

Be organized

Organization, a very important thing that is achieved with the help of a diary is organization, organization is key if we want to be effective and efficient at the same time.

Take control

Control, as we have already said, do you want you to guide the bees or do they guide you? By keeping a diary you put yourself in the position of someone who has control over the situation.

How to start?

It only takes a few minutes to create your beehive so you can do your first inspection.

Create an apiary

Enter the location of the apiary so you can track the weather. Enter the number of hives you have in the apiary. Make the schedule as it is and you are ready!

Make the first inspection

You will be surprised how easy it is to use the application. Each inspection of the beehives will be an additional pleasure for you!

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The price

The app costs $ 7.99 to use for a year


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