Beehive LR


The roof is made of a wooden frame (pine) covered with OSB board and lined with printing plate.

The height of the roof is 8 cm so that it overlaps the entire escape and 1 cm of the upper extension.

Miller’s feeder

The feeder is made of pine, all falling knots have been repaired, the surface of the wood has been treated and is ready for painting.feeder has space for a feeder up to 3l and an opening in the second part.

Brood body

It is made of dried pine board, all knots are repaired, the extensions are joined by a comb joint, glued with glue and forged with staples. The surface of the wood is finely processed and is ready for painting.


The floor is made of pine, the falling knots are repaired, the surface of the wood is treated and ready for painting.

The wire used is made of aluminum.

The drawer can be from:


– underestimated sheet metal


The frames are made of pure linden wood. Extremely precise processing that makes our frame a top quality product.