Honey is an extremely healthy food that we can consume throughout the year. It is especially advised in the spring and autumn period because then we are prone to allergies and more susceptible to viruses and bacteria.

Most people store honey in its original gel-liquid state, however, the trend of “frozen honey” has recently appeared on social media. In today’s post, we tell you about it and why experts do not advise practicing this method, as well as how it would be best to store honey.

Many videos have appeared on social media, especially Tik Toku, in which users fill plastic bottles with honey and add corn syrup to it, sometimes food coloring or candies, and thus put the mixture in the freezer. Since it is frozen, the honey thus acquires a completely different atypical structure – like jelly.

Although it seems harmless, for some it is even much more attractive than classic honey – this trend could lead to many negative consequences for your body. The most dangerous thing is that the main followers of this trend are actually children. For this reason, experts from various fields came together to draw attention to the negative consequences of this mixture.

In the first line, dentists are very worried. This mixture is very sticky and can easily settle in the deposits on the teeth, thus damaging the enamel and thus leading to the appearance of caries. Another side effect is the loss and breakage of fillings or your teeth.

Excess sugar can also cause increased bowel function. Namely, due to the excessive concentration of sugar, the intestines would start to leak water, which can lead to diarrhea. This would absolutely disrupt the work of the intestines, so diabetics advise consuming honey in its original form.

The long-term consequences can be even more dangerous. Cardiologists warn that constant consumption of this mixture can lead to high blood pressure or other types of inflammation that lead to heart disease.

All these things are very alarming, so read the information below on how to best store honey.

Some optimal storage conditions are a temperature of about 20 ° C and no exposure to direct sunlight. Since it tends to actively absorb moisture, it is best to store it in a glass, well-closed container. With good and quality honey, it is very difficult to avoid crystallization, which is actually a completely natural process. It can be slowed down by keeping the honey at a constant temperature. If the honey was in a cold place – it is best to leave it there because otherwise it can crystallize immediately.

It is well known that you should not blindly follow any trends, especially when it comes to nutrition and health. So research them well, and adapt them to your own body, and in the last resort – consult your doctor or pharmacist.